State Roundup, June 16, 2016

GUN CONTROL: Democrats angered over the lack of action on gun control after this weekend’s shooting in Orlando launched a filibuster on the Senate floor Wednesday, vowing to continue talking until some progress is made on a bill to bar sales of guns to people suspected of being terrorists. Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut began the effort before noon. Murphy, an outspoken proponent of gun control, represents Newtown, where the 2012 elementary school shooting occurred. Maryland’s senators — both Democrats — also spoke on the floor in an effort to give Murphy some relief.

ARE MD BACKGROUND CHECKS ENOUGH? In a piece for the Frederick News Post, Mike Persley writes that, in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando, some wonder if Maryland’s background checks to purchase firearms should go even further in providing information on a person’s past behavior. In 2016, Maryland State Police had received 23,121 applications to purchase a regulated firearm as of June 9. Less than 1 percent, or 136 of those applications, were denied because of a failed background check.

FUNDS IN LIMBO: Nearly $80 million in state aid for teacher pensions, renovation of aging schools, Medicare reimbursements and the demolition of the Baltimore City Detention Center is in limbo as Gov. Larry Hogan considers whether to release money for those programs, reports Bryan Sears in the Daily Record.