Baltimore Six Update – The Case Against Caesar Goodson Begins Collapsing

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Officer Caesar Goodson was the police transport van driver who the Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has charge with murder.  However, the case is beginning to collapse because as outlined last year the evidence simply isn’t there.

Not only is the evidence not there, exculpatory evidence hidden by the prosecutors continues to diminish their sketchy foundation for the charges.

Last week Judge Barry Williams was put into a difficult position by the State of Maryland when it was discovered the Baltimore prosecutors office had withheld exculpatory evidence, known legally as “Brady evidence”, from the defense team.  This was the third time Mosby’s team had been caught manipulating evidence.  Williams was not happy.

Judge Williams warned the prosecution team and instructed them to go back through all of their evidence and give the defense all evidence, especially anything that might be considered “Brady Evidence”.