After Orlando Massacre, CIA Director Tells Congress He’s Focusing on “Diversity” (Video)

After #Pulse Club Massacre…. CIA Director Tells Congress he’s Focusing on “Diversity” (VIDEO)

CIA Director John Brennan testified before Congress on Thursday morning after the Pulse Club massacre.

Brennan told Congress the CIA was focusing on diversity… After 49 people were slaughtered by an Islamist on a dance floor.

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John Brennan: We are taking important steps to ensure our agency fully adapts to the challenges of our time. Now we still have work to do and in some respects we always will. of course, modernization is about more than lines and boxes on an organizational chart. It’s also about a mindset, a commitment to innovate constantly to keep up with an ever-changing world. A key point in this mindset is our commitment to keep our workforce as diverse as the world we cover. Just last week the office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report showing that the intelligence community is less diverse than the rest of the federal workforce. It’s a report that forced us in the intelligence community to confront some hard truths about who we are and how we are performing our mission… The CIA recently unveiled a landmark effort to make sure that our workforce reflects in our attitudes, our backgrounds, our ethnicities and our perspectives the nation we work so hard to defend. This is both a moral and a mission imperative…
Well, that’s good.
The Islamists are on the run and the CIA is focusing on political correctness