State Roundup, June 15, 2016

$17M FOR ADDICTION TREATMENT: Maryland would be eligible for up to $17 million over two years to expand access to treatment for opioid addiction, according to an estimated breakdown of a $1.1 billion emergency funding request made by President Barack Obama to Congress. Meredith Cohn of the Sun reports the story.

HEALTH INSURANCE FOR MD’s KIDS: Meredith Cohn of the Sun reports that the non-profit community development group Structured Employment Economic Development Corp. will receive $950,000 over the next two years to help find and enroll children who are eligible for public health insurance in Maryland, officials from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

REGULATORS CONTINUE WRESTLING OVER RX POT: State regulators tasked with developing Maryland’s medical marijuana program are wrestling with questions about how best to vet the financial histories of those seeking licenses. The policy committee of the Medical Cannabis Commission heard public comment Tuesday on a slew of proposed revisions to the nascent program. Many of the revisions are technical or to correct typographical errors, but, writes Daniel Leaderman in the Daily Record, others deal with the complexities of a process that’s sanctioned by the state but still forbidden by the federal government.