Christians in Pakistan Fear Children Could Be Forced to Study Quran at School

Christians in Pakistan Fear Children Could Be Forced to Study Quran at School

ICC Note:

Due to a proposal for controversial education reforms, Christians in Pakistan fear that their children could be forced to study the Quran at school. The Ministry for Professional and Technical Training has announced a proposal that would make Quranic studies compulsory for all public schools. The Ministry went on to say that Christians would not be forced to attend these studies, but Christians still fear their children may be bullied into the classes. Christians in Pakistan face both intense persecution and discrimination. In the school setting, it is not uncommon for Christian children to face ridicule from both their piers and teachers because of their faith identity. 

6/14/2016 Pakistan (Christian Daily) – Christian children in Pakistan could be forced to attend compulsory Quran studies if a proposal for controversial education reforms is approved.

The Ministry of Professional and Technical Training has proposed to make the study of the Islamic holy book a compulsory subject in all public schools. Although the Minister of State Baligh Ur Rehman has assured that only Muslim students would be required to attend the Quran studies, concerns that Christians will also be “bullied” into attending the classes have surfaced, Premier reports.

In April, the Pakistani government began planning to make Quran studies compulsory in all state-funded schools in the country. Back then, Rehman said Muslim students from Grade 1 to 5 will be taught the “Nazra Quran” subject, and those from Grade 6 to 10 will learn the proper “Quranic education,” relays.

Rehman announced the details of the educational reform during the 4th Annual Day at the Pak-China Friendship Centre. He said a consultation among all the provinces would be done through the Inter-Provincial Education Minister’s Conference before the changes would be implemented.