The Hate the President Dares Not Name

Islamist terror struck America again late Saturday, this time on the dance floor of Pulse, an Orlando nightclub, in the largest mass shooting in US history.

The death toll of 50 may yet rise, as some of the 53 wounded remain in bad shape.

That our president, in his remarks Sunday, chose not to call it “Islamist” terror is almost irrelevant: He has just seven months left in office; why would he break with his habits of denial now?

It matters more that Hillary Clinton, in her public comments, also refused to name the enemy, instead rushing to talk about “working with allies and partners” to counter the threat — a necessary step, of course, but hardly sufficient.

Donald Trump’s call to be “tough, vigilant and smart” didn’t say a lot more, but at least he was willing to use the I-word.

The early signs are clear: reports of the gunman shouting “Allahu Akbar” and a 911 call declaring his allegiance to ISIS — enough for ISIS, which had called for attacks on America to mark this Ramadan, to decide to claim credit.