Sweden’s State-Run TV Cancels Jihad Documentary To Avoid Offending Muslims

Swedish state-run TV won’t air a new documentary about anti-Semitism and jihad in case it offends the ever growing Muslim population in Sweden.

“Watching the Moon at Night” is a new documentary largely funded by Swedish state broadcaster SVT and tries to tackle the looming questions of anti-Semitism among Muslims and its links to terrorism.

Though the television channel has largely funded the creation of the documentary they are now refusing to air it on Swedish television because critics say they fear a potential backlash from Muslims and the politically correct establishment, reports Danish national paper Berlingske.

Created by acclaimed Swedish film makers Joanna Helander and Bo Persson, “Watching the Moon at Night” has so far seen limited theatrical release in six countries, including numerous film festivals.

It has been described as a film that takes a long, hard and serious look at the methodology and origins of anti-Semitism and terrorism. The documentary proves that there is a link between terrorism and anti-Semitism and that Jews have often found themselves at the mercy of Islamic terrorists as was the case in Paris and Copenhagen.