Target CEO Takes Heat From Shareholders About Transgender Bathroom Policy

Brian Cornell, the chairman and CEO of Target, took several questions from disgruntled audience members at the annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday concerning the retail giant’s stance on transgender bathroom and fitting room access.

Justin Danhof, who heads the Free Enterprise Project and was in attendance at the meeting, asked Mr. Cornell whether he believes those who oppose the company’s stance are bigots.

“Didn’t answer the question,” Mr. Danhof said of the business executive’s response. “He gave a vacuous statement on, ‘We believe in diversity, we believe in inclusion, and everyone should feel safe in our stores.’”

“‘Support inclusivity, support inclusion’ – it means nothing. It’s meaningless,” he said. “Especially in response to questions asked very pointedly about do you think these people are bigots. And my impression is that of course he does.”

Several other audience members questioned the company’s position permitting access to intimate facilities on the basis of gender identity, which sparked a nationwide boycott. More than 1.3 million people signed a petition pledging not to shop at the store in response to the policy.