#GoodsonTrial: Judge Admonishes Prosecutor For Brady Violations But Allows Trial To Continue

As a follow-up to last night’s developments and the motion to dismiss, Judge Barry Williams admonished the Baltimore prosecutors office for another blatant Brady Violation yet allows the trial of officer Caesar Goodson to continue.


It is beyond ridiculous that over a year after prosecutors filed charges against the officers, and into the third trial of those six officers, the judge is telling the prosecution they have until Monday to ensure all of the evidence is finally disclosed to the defense.

Officer Caesar Goodson, 46, was the driver of the van used to transport Freddie Gray to Western District police headquarters.


The prosecution is claiming Goodson gave Freddie Gray a “rough ride”, meaning intentionally trying to harm Gray while he was in the transport van.   However, a second passenger in the van, Donta Allen, has previously disputed this accusation and stated the ride was “smooth” and uneventful.


(Via Baltimore Sun) […] Allen told police on April 12, the day of Gray’s arrest and seven days before he died, that Gray had been thrashing around and bashing his head into the partition that separates the van. Allen later publicly recanted, saying he only heard a faint tapping.

At the morning hearing prior to the trial, Williams determined that prosecutors had committed a violation by not disclosing a meeting they had with Allen in May 2015, in the presence of his attorney. The attorney disclosed the meeting to defense attorneys last week, who said it had been improperly withheld.