Goodson Trial: Stunning Last Minute Motion To Dismiss Due to Mosby’s Violation

Baltimore Six Trial – Stunning Last Minute Motion To Dismiss Due to Severe Brady Violation…


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Baltimore Police Officer Cesar Goodson (left) is scheduled to begin his bench trial today, Thursday, in the third prosecution revolving around the Freddie Gray case. However, a stunning last minute motion to dismiss, based on a severe Brady violation from prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s office, might just end the entire trial before it begins.

Those of you familiar with the political prosecution in the Zimmerman trial will remember the frequency of Brady Violations from Angela Corey.

Marilyn Mosby is worse.

Brady violations are when the State fails to turn over evidence that would support the defense. The “Brady Violation” in officer Goodson’s case stems from an interview with Donta Allen, the second passenger in the police transport van.