Aftermath of Merkel’s Open Door? 70,000 Crimes Committed or Attempted by Migrants in Germany

In the aftermath of Merkel flinging open the door to Muslim migrants, 70 thousand crimes have been committed or attempted. The report indicated in the article below shows the breakdown of crimes, from thefts and robbery to bodily harm and sex crimes.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Christian migrants are suffering further at the hands of Muslim guards employed by Germany. Another article also indicated that severe beatings by Muslim guards are the order of the day in Germany for many Christian migrants, because Germany employed these brutes that the Christians tried to escape from in the first place. One Christian was beaten near to death by “Turkish and Arab descent” guards.

These violent migrant thugs are indoctrinated with an ideology of supremacy and bigotry against the infidel, including their infidel rescuers.

Angela Merkel doesn’t just have egg on her face. She has the blood of innocents on her hands, and is likely protected by the finest security on taxpayer dollars, along with her other Western leader cohorts who carelessly fling open their countries’ doors to Muslim refugees – among them, Jihadist thugs — and thus subject their populations to intimidation, terror, violence and humiliation.