State Roundup, June 8, 2016

STEPPING BACK FROM POLLUTION SOLUTIONS: Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s pledge to cut taxes and fees has spurred his administration to step back from two of Maryland’s main efforts to clear the air of pollution, reports Scott Dance in the Sun. In the face of efforts by environmentalists, consumer advocates and utilities, the administration is opposing plans to expand an initiative that encourages state residents and businesses to use less electricity. And the governor vetoed a bill that sought to increase Maryland’s use of renewable energy sources.

LARGER HOSPITAL RATE RISE SOUGHT: Maryland hospitals want health regulators to approve a larger increase in hospital rates than the one proposed by state health staff when they vote today on rates for the next fiscal year, Meredith Cohn reports in the Sun. Rates for hospitals in Maryland are tightly managed as part of a unique agreement the state has with the federal government to control health-care spending.

GAS TAX REVENUES DROP: Revenues from a gas tax passed in 2013 are projected to be 26% lower than expected, and legislative analysts say the culprit is lower-than-expected gas prices since the law took effect nearly three years ago, Bryan Sears reports for the Daily Record.