GA City Demands Homeowner Remove Confederate Display From Yard


Lafayette’s Kevin Smith spent three years building a Civil War display in the front yard of his North Georgia home, a homage complete with life-sized mannequins set up to depict different battles fought locally.

“It’s history and it’s heritage and it’s not hate,” Smith told WRCB. “A presentation. Because I’ve tried to put the display around town so our tourists can see the history and draw tourism down here.”

But the city’s Housing Authority served Smith with a notice Thursday that contends officials received complaints and requests that Smith call the office.

“I have had complaints about the mannequins and Confederate flag. Sorry but they have to go,” the notice read.

It did not detail who made the alleged complaints or cite any specific safety or code violations.

Regardless, Smith said he doesn’t plan on removing the display he’s worked so hard to perfect.

“I’m standing my ground. This is a part of our history,” said Smith, who donned the same Civil War regalia as his front yard soldiers. “It is to educate so we don’t fight another war.”

WRCB reports that “based on the notice he was provided, it’s not clear when the display must be removed or what action the Housing Authority plans to take if it is not.”