Woman Egged at Rally Asks for San Jose Mayor to Resign

The woman who captured national attention Thursday night after she was egged at a Donald Trump rally – and then smiled about it – is asking for people to help oust the mayor of San Jose.

Rachel Casey, identified by her Facebook posts, LinkedIn profile and by people who know her, posted one of at least two petitions to get Mayor Sam Liccardo to resign from his post. As of Monday, one petition, started by a man in Texas, had 3,600 supporters. Another petition, started by a man in Minnesota, also asks for the mayor’s resignation, and had more than 7,000 signatures by Monday morning. The mayor had criticized Trump for whipping up the nation into an antagonistic state, but also condemned protesters for getting violent – mostly by harming the Trump camp. Liccardo responded: “I’m not terribly persuaded by calls of resignation that are emanating from Texas or Minnesota. I serve at the pleasure of the residents of San Jose and am accountable to the residents of San Jose.”