Islamic Cleric “No Toothpaste” During Ramadan, Use of ” Twig” Is Acceptable

Hyderabad: For Muslims, using tooth paste to brush one’s teeth while fasting is not advisable. Doubts have been expressed by many Muslims whether using toothpaste would have an impact on fasting. Islamic scholars have advised that Muslims can use miswak (twig) stick to brush their teeth while fasting but they must ensure that they do not swallow the saliva thus generated.

Many scholars actually say a strict ‘no’ to toothpaste during fasting. Using miswak or siwak stick is Sunnat. It is really good for health too, said the Ulema.

Miswak is basically a twig, mostly of neem or olive or any tree that has fibrous veins so that it does not harm or damage the gums.

Jamia Nizamia chancellor Syed Akbar Nizamuddin said using toothpaste is “makrooh” during fasting as it has sweetness, mint and other flavours andingredients. Also, there is a possibility of the paste going down one’s throat, which, if it happens, results in invalidation of the Roza. Hence, it is advisable not to use toothpaste.