Facebook Just Doesn’t Understand Free Speech

About the time Mark Zuckerberg was meeting with conservatives last month to tell them Facebook doesn’t suppress their views, Facebook was suspending the account of UC San Diego student Carlos Flores for . . . expressing conservative views.

A friend had posted about the trans “bathroom” wars, lamenting society’s loss of clear sexual-identity lines. Flores commented: “Better to be ‘transphobic’ than realityphobic. The truth is that no amount of scalpel cuts, dresses or wings can make a man a woman. All it can do is make him look like a woman.”

Blam! Facebook told him it had removed his post because it didn’t “follow the Facebook Community standards” and was blocking him from posting for 24 hours.

When the block ended, Flores posted: “I am returning from a 24-hour ban from FB. Apparently Comrade Zuckerberg does not tolerate the inconvenient truth that no amount of scalpel cuts can make a man a woman.”

That got him a three-day ban, which might have been worse if Facebook weren’t facing other PR problems over its bias.