Obama Commutes Sentences of 10 Firearms Felons Among 42 Drug Dealers Released

In his zeal to put convicted drug dealers back on the street, Pres. Obama defied his own calls for tougher gun laws Friday by commuting the sentences of ten people convicted of firearms charges related to drug trafficking.

Since entering the White House, Pres. Obama has freed 49 drug dealers who were also convicted of gun crimes – and 10 of those he freed were previously-convicted felons who were in possession of guns.

In all, Pres. Obama has commuted 348 sentences – meaning one out of every seven criminals he freed were convicted of gun charges.

In these cases, freeing drug dealers took priority over Pres. Obama’s goal of increasing penalties for gun crimes.

Today, Obama commuted the sentences of 42 convicted drug dealers, most dealing cocaine, including the ten convicted of gun crimes. (Note: While the White House press release does not mention that Douglas Ray Dunkins’ conviction was drug-related, other federal court documents confirm that it was drug-related.) All had been convicted of either “intent” or “conspiracy” to distribute illegal drugs.

Four of the ten convicted on gun crimes even used their firearms while committing their drug crimes: