Iran Accuses US of Backing the Islamic State and the “Zionist Regime”

Jihadist propaganda brazenly ascends again. This time, it’s the rogue state of Iran accusing the US of backing the Islamic State and the “Zionist regime”, in retaliation for the State Department citing Iran as the world’s biggest state-sponsor of terrorism.

Four years ago, Canada took a sensible lead: it listed Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism and shut down its embassy in Tehran. Not long before, it had been revealed that Iran was using its embassy in Canada to mobilize Islamic Republic loyalists to infiltrate the Canadian Government and attack the United States.

Unfortunately, this past winter, the Liberal government decided to lift virtually all sanctions against Iran and is considering re-opening its embassy in Tehran.

The views of many, such as Thomas Juneau — who is an associate professor at the University of Ottawa and a former Mid-East analyst for the Canadian Armed Forces — reflect a certain type of Western liberal mindset that allows radicalism to flourish. Juneau told CBC News that he is “of the school of thought that you talk to bad guys” and that “it’s completely in Canada’s interests to have diplomatic relations with Iran”. He adds that “all our European partners do”. Perplexing that Juneau would attempt to forward such an approach with reference to Iran; and have Juneau et al looked at the state of Europe lately?