Obama Claims NO Responsibility for Transgender Issue

News from the latrine orderly

Mr. Obama is puzzled that voters think he made co-ed toilets an issue

– – Thursday, June 2, 2016

President Obama is suddenly tired of being the nation’s permanent latrine orderly. He insists, against all the evidence, that he didn’t ask for the job and he doesn’t understand why everyone thinks he wants to monitor the soap and toilet paper in the nation’s toilets.

“Somehow people think that I made it an issue,” he told an audience in Indiana this week. “I didn’t make it an issue.” He told a questioner that he agrees that other presidential concerns are more important. “There are a lot of things that are more pressing, you’re absolutely right.”

Mr. Obama sometimes shows a conveniently short memory. It was his “directive” to the nation’s schools that they must accommodate the transgendered among us in the way that the transgendered — who account for less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the population — insist on being accommodated. If the schools don’t, he will withhold the millions of dollars of federal money they have coming to them.

This is getting to be a little too much interference for 11 states that have sued to prevent his nuclear option, and even for some of the president’s ideological and partisan allies. The director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has resigned to protest the president’s directive. Maya Dillard Smith said she parted ways with the ACLU, which wholeheartedly supports the directive, after she saw the light in what was once called a ladies’ room in Atlanta, where her elementary-school daughters felt threatened when “three transgender adults” over six feet tall, “with deep voices,” entered the loo. “My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer.”