Black Lives Matter Gets HS Teacher Fired Over Blog Post

Black Lives Matter Gets HS Teacher Fired Over Blog Post


A St. Paul, Minn., teacher is the latest person to feel the wrath of  a Black Lives Matter group, according to a May 31 report from Minneapolis City Pages.

Theodore Olson was officially removed from his teaching position a few weeks ago due to outside pressure from the St. Paul branch of the Black Lives Matter. His removal centered on an August 2015 blog post of his that said, “Would you like to be stomped on like a puppy mill dog by multiple administrators year after year, destroying your mastery?”

The battle began back in March, when Rashad Turner, leader of the Black Lives Matter St. Paul chapter, released excerpts of Olson’s blog through his Twitter and Facebook account. Olson’s blog revealed his frustration with the school’s policies toward student behavior and administrative decision making. In a Feb. 15 post, Olson wrote, “If the only way for you to do better is for me to fit my big forehead into a pointy white hat, then we’re both in trouble. We’re in trouble. I know we’re both cornered, you, young Black man, I, old white dude teacher.”

He revealed more of his anger toward his school in a post after July 14: “I had 95% African American students, and team taught third-grade in the same room all day with an African American woman who really was marginally qualified as an instructor out of the St. Mary’s Collaborative Urban Educator (CURE) program.” These and other posts led Turner to claim…….

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