Sheila Dixon Won’t Seek a Recount of Baltimore Primary Election Results

Former Mayor Sheila Dixon did not seek a recount in April’s primary election, but her mayoral campaign did not rule out filing a legal challenge by Wednesday’s deadline.

Dixon said Tuesday she would continue to press for answers over election irregularities that marred the April 26 primary.

Officials said no other candidates requested a recount in closely watched City Council races, some of which were decided by just dozens of votes. Campaigns had until Tuesday to request a recount.

“While the city Board of Elections has re-certified the election results and I have decided not to seek a recount, the questions surrounding this election must be answered,” Dixon said in a statement. “The irregularities in this election are not acceptable. This process is not over until we can assure every Baltimore citizen that their vote will be counted, not just in this election, but in future elections as well.”