Governor Larry Hogan Rescinds 72 Executive Orders

Governor Larry Hogan Rescinds 72 Executive Orders
Eliminates Obsolete and Outdated Directives Issued by Seven Governors Over the Past Five Decades

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today signed Executive Order 01.01.2016.06, rescinding 72 obsolete executive orders issued by previous administrations over the last 46 years. The removal of almost five decades of gubernatorial directives that are either outdated or superseded by legislation reflects the ongoing effort of the Hogan administration to modernize and streamline state government, including the removal of archaic and duplicative regulations.

These rescissions include executive orders issued by seven previous governors, going as far back as the Marvin Mandel administration. Governor Hogan’s action today represents the largest repeal of gubernatorial directives since Governor Schaefer removed 48 executive orders in 1995.

“Our administration is focused on creating a government that works for the people instead of the other way around,” said Governor Hogan. “This removal of almost five decades of unnecessary and outdated gubernatorial directives demonstrates our continued commitment to modernize and streamline Maryland state government, including many antiquated and out-of-date regulations.”

Of the executive orders repealed by the governor, more than half deal with established boards or commissions that in many instances have not met for years, while others have been superseded by legislation. The administration also uncovered several instances of executive orders that had expired or had been repealed by a previous administration, yet never removed from the Code of Maryland Regulations.

Among the orders being rescinded are the following:

  • 1970.10 – The oldest in COMAR, on June 15, 1970, it created the Science Advisory Council which has not met since 1996.

  • 1987.29 – Created in late 1987, the Child Day Care Coordinator is a defunct position in an agency that was long ago merged with the Maryland State Department of Education.

  • 1990.01 – Construction Industry Employers Advisory Council is among numerous committees, task forces, and boards that are still in active executive orders in COMAR, but are listed in the Maryland Manual as “defunct units.”

  • 1998.18 – This executive order makes reference to an Inter-Agency Nutrient Reduction Oversight Committee, which is defunct and has not met since July 2001.

  • 2011.07 – The Maryland War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, which was created in 2011, completed its work in 2012 and has not met since. 

A copy of the executive order, which includes a full list of executive order repeals, is attached.