INSANITY: Swedish GIRLS Blamed for Rise in Migrant Sex Attacks

The damning police report, which is looking at why Sweden has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence committed against women and girls in Europe, has also excused refugees who it says “cannot handle the alcohol”. 

Shockingly, the report revealed the majority of sex attack victims were under the age 15. 

Police also admitted the majority of attacks have taken place in public places had been committed by migrants. 

But it says refugees might not be able to “handle the alcohol” and simply feel “horny” and have “ignorance of the consequences for the girls”.

The report also warns that girls in Sweden are called “whores” and abused for “their clothes” which leaves many too scared to walk the streets.

The report ‘The Current Situation of Sexual Molestation and Proposals for Action’, says: “Control is exercised over women through violence, thus shaping her according to the man’s idealised vision of femininity. 

“During the exercise of violence, men can embody a typical ‘male’. 

“In other words, the violence makes possible what is considered masculine and can provide ‘benefits’ for the perpetrator.”