Palestinian Official: Palestinians Will Win Because They Love Death More Than Life

Al-Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim was addressing a group of Palestinian National Security Forces at a ceremony on Sunday celebrating their silver medal victory in the international 8th Annual Warrior Competition which took place in Jordan earlier this month.

Abd Al-Rahim said their win highlighted the fact that the Palestinian people were one step closer to establishing statehood, and emphasized that Palestinians would never compromise on their vision of that state.

“We will not grow soft or deviate towards personal interests for the sake of dubious goals such as establishing a state or an emirate in Gaza, or establishing a state with temporary borders in the West Bank,” Abd Al-Rahim said, noting that with every generation, the desire of young Palestinians to achieve the goals that martyrs have died for only strengthens.

“Our blood is still being spilled at the roadblocks and the checkpoints by the gangs of settlers and the extremist soldiers of the occupation, some of whom have acknowledged that they do not act according to moral standards,” he said in the speech translated by MEMRI.