Damning Report on E-mailgate Shows Hillary Can’t Be Trusted

A devastating report by the State Department’s inspector general Wednesday shows just why Americans are right to distrust Hillary Clinton.

The 78-page document (by an Obama appointee, no less) concludes that Clinton’s server and e-mail practices as secretary of state violated department policy — and she and her team lied about it repeatedly.

It says she and her inner circle defiantly stonewalled the investigation, despite Hillary’s repeated assurances that she’d “talk to anybody, anytime.” It also says:

  • Clinton never sought an OK from State’s legal staff to use a private server, as required, and as her aides claimed. If she had, permission would’ve been denied.

    Instead, her IT aides were warned “never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system” — and neither her server nor her Blackberry “met [even] minimum security requirements.”

  •  Despite her repeated denials, there were at least two attempts to hack into her system. Neither was ever reported to State’s security personnel, as required.

  •  Clinton claimed she used a private system strictly for convenience. But when urged to also use an official e-mail address, she refused, citing the risk that personal e-mails might become publicly accessible.