Female Christian Prisoner Faces Health Issues in Iranian Prison

Female Christian Prisoner Faces Health Issues in Iranian Prison

ICC Note: Christian prisoner, Maryam Zargaran, is suffering from vast physical ailments in her Iranian cell, while the prison officials refuse to provide her with proper medical care. Maryam is imprisoned because of her faith in Evin Prison. She has a rough medical history having undergone heart surgery nine years ago. She is now plagued by nausea, ear pain and chronic pain in her joints and spinal cord. Despite these things, she is being refused medical care by the prison.

05/23/2016 Iran (Mohabat News): Reports from Iran indicate that Christian prisoner, Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran, is suffering physical illness while officials refuse to transfer her to hospital to receive proper medical care.

Several reports coming out of Iran indicate that Mrs. Zargaran has been suffering from nausea and pain in her ear. Clinical staff in Evin prison advised her not to move her head for two weeks and will need surgery in case her symptoms do not disappear.

Mrs. Zargaran underwent a heart surgery nine years ago and requires frequent medical attention.

She has been suffering from many other symptoms including chronic pain in her joints and spinal cord in the last year. Medical staff in prison diagnosed her pains to have been caused by lumbar disk, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Despite this diagnosis and a prescribed five day physiotherapy, prison officials have refused to provide her with much needed medical care.