Hollywood Quits Anti-Sharia Boycott, All-In for NC Trans Boycott

Breitbart) – In April 2014, Hollywood took a stand against Islamic sharia law.

Celebrities and industry power players initiated a boycott against the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel, whose owner, the Sultan of Brunei, had just implemented sharia law, which allows for the stoning of gay people, in his country.

For a time, the boycott — led by big-name stars like Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno, and by organizations like the Motion Picture & Television Fund and Human Rights Campaign — was extraordinarily successful. Just after it began, the Hollywood Reportervisited the hotel’s iconic Polo Lounge — a favorite spot for industry power meetings — andfound it almost completely empty during what would have ordinarily been a busy lunch rush.

A short time later, musician John Legend skipped what was to be a star-studded party in his honor in solidarity with the boycott (the party eventually went on without Legend).

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