Board On Baltimore’s Election: ‘We Don’t Know What Happened’

BALTIMORE (WJZ)The State Board of Elections continues to update its investigation into voter irregularities and fraud in the Baltimore City primary election. All the concerns forced the board to refuse to accept theresults of the election.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on what they found, and what’s next.

The “who” and the “how” are becoming pretty clear.

“The pattern that we saw clearly was that the provisional ballots were scanned in the polling place instead of being held with the applications,” said Linda Lamone, state elections administrator.

In some cases, every single provisional ballot that should have been set aside was scanned.

Not all discrepancies in the vote count have the same issue.

“There will be precincts that cannot be explained. We don’t know what happened. The numbers simply don’t match,” said Lamone.