After Racist Incidents, San Francisco Mayor Replaces White Police Chief With Black One

San Francisco’s police chief has resigned after a series of scandals and racial incidents.

Former Police Chief Greg Suhr, who is white, resigned Thursday after pressure from the city’s mayor. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced the resignation after police fatally shot a young black woman Thursday, The Associated Press reports. The woman was allegedly in a stolen car and fled from police who then shot her. Lee admitted “the facts are still emerging” but still felt Suhr leaving was the best decision.

“I have previously expressed confidence in Chief Suhr because I know he agrees with and understands the need for reform,” Lee told reporters at a press conference. “But following this morning’s officer-involved shooting and my meeting with Chief Suhr this afternoon, today I have arrived at a different conclusion to the question of how best to move forward.”

Lee tapped Toney Chaplin, who is black, to be the new acting chief.

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