Mexico Gives Cuban Illegal Aliens A 20-Day “Safe Passage Permit” To Reach The U.S. Border

On May 1, amidst the transfer of thousands of visa-less Cubans from Central America to the U.S.-Mexico border, an immigration agreement between Mexico and Cuba came into effect.

The Memorandum, reaffirmed in Mexico last November, aims to establish a “legal, ordered, and secure migratory flow” between Mexico and Cuba. The agreement was originally signed between the two countries in 2008. As such, the Memorandum establishes the following guidelines in relation to illegal immigration and returns:

Chapter III
On illegal migration, smuggling and trafficking, as well as all crimes associated with these crimes, such as theft and hijacking of ships and aircrafts, and security of the States…

Article 9. – The provisions of this Memorandum shall not limit the right of the competent authorities of both Parties to deny entry and stay in its territory to citizens of the other Party that they consider undesirable or which may endanger the public order or state security, as well as prosecute and punish those who break them, in accordance with their respective legislation.