London Prison Is ‘Jihadi Training Camp’ Claims Former Muslim Inmate

(Breitbart) – A former Muslim prisoner has declared London’s Belmarsh Prison to be nothing short of a “jihadi training camp” where Islamic State celebration parties are freely held.

In an opinion column in the Evening Standard, former inmate and Muslim student “Jamal” – whose name was altered for his safety – claims that he was “devastated” when watching prison officials take no action to curb radical Islamist ideals dominating the South East London jail.

Jamal says new inmates were left with the impression that those in charge were a group of radical Islamists known as “the Brothers” or “the Akhi” – rather than the prison guards themselves.

“We had around 200 people on our wing, about half of them Muslim,” he writes, “but there was a hard core of 20 “brothers” in for terrorism or terror-related offences who were very popular and had enormous influence. They were treated like celebrities by the other inmates and included the guy who in 2007 tried to blow up Glasgow airport.”

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