EgyptAir Jet Crash a “Brutal Event” and “Almost Certainly a Terror Attack”

EgyptAir jet crash a “brutal event” and “almost certainly a terror attack”

If it was “almost certainly a terror attack,” then it was almost certainly jihad. The IRA and the Tamil Tigers and American “right-wing extremists” aren’t taking down too many EgyptAir planes.

“EgyptAir jet went into a ‘sharp spin’ and fell 22,000ft before vanishing from radar says Greek defence minister – as air safety chief says crash was ‘almost certainly a terror attack,’” by Wills Robinson, Stephanie Linning and Simon Tomlinson, MailOnline, May 19, 2016:

Debris has been found in the search for the EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board after the jet went into a sudden spin and plunged 22,000ft before vanishing off the radar.

Flight MS804 came down near the Greek island of Karpathos ten miles into Egyptian airspace at around 00.30am GMT without making a distress call.

It departed Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris at 9.09pm GMT last night and was scheduled to arrive at Cairo Airport at 1.15am GMT.

Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos said the Airbus A320 made ‘sudden swerves’ mid-air, lurching 90 degrees to the left then 360 degrees to the right as it fell out of the sky.

He said the plane dropped from 37,000 feet to 15,000ft before the signal was lost at around 10,000 feet.