Judge Refuses to Acquit Officer in Freddie Gray’s Death Despite Shocking Testimony

– The Washington Times – Monday, May 16, 2016

BALTIMORE | A Baltimore judge on Monday refused a defense motion to acquit a police officer accused of assault and reckless endangerment in last year’s arrest and death of Freddie Gray.

Circuit Court Judge Barry G. Williams denied the motion after the prosecution rested in the third day of Officer Edward Nero’s trial.

Earlier Monday, prosecutors were dealt a blow when one of their witnesses, Officer Garrett Miller, testified that Officer Nero did not arrest or touch Gray during his apprehension. Officer Miller, who also faces charges in Gray’s death, was compelled by the court to testify against his fellow officer.

Asked by Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow whether he and Officer Nero apprehended Gray, Officer Miller said that he arrested the young man by himself.

His testimony contradicts a statement he gave to investigators at the time of Gray’s death in which he used the pronoun “we” in reference to the arrest. Officer Miller on Monday said that portion of his statement was a mistake.