European Union May Ban Deportation of Terror Suspects

EU may ban deporting terrorism suspects: Top Brussels court plans power grab over human rights cases,” by James Slack, Daily Mail, May 10, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Britain could be banned from extraditing terror suspects by the EU, in a new Brussels power grab.

One of the top legal advisers to the EU’s European Court of Justice said that – for the first time – its judges should be allowed to hear appeals from the likes of Abu Hamza if their human rights are being challenged.

The move would make it far harder to boot out crime suspects – and hugely undermine the Government’s commitment to end the human rights madness.

Former shadow home secretary David Davis said: ‘The argument that Europe is somehow improving our security is falling apart in the Government’s hands.’

The EU advocate general has been considering whether the ECJ should adopt powers to rule on extradition cases.

Every other member state submitted that the EU should have no legal powers in this field. But the UK raised no objection – and was even supportive of the latest power grab, according to papers released yesterday.