Muslims Demand “Bigoted” Church Sign Removal, Pastor Has Perfect Reply

Expecting the peaceful pastor to cave, they were shocked and enraged when he not only refused to remove it, but offered the perfect response.

Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church in Oregon has caused a disturbing stir in self-important hypocrites who believe that Islam is a supreme religion that should never be criticized. The church in Hood River has caused the thought police to sound the alarm on bigotry, proving their own intolerance.

WSBT rushed to the scene of a political correctness crime, in which the Baptist church displayed a message on their sign declaring, “Wake up Christians. Allah is not our God. Muhammad not greater than Jesus.” Likewise, the other side reads, “Only the Bible is God’s word. ‘Holy book.’ Koran is just another book.”

Hood River resident Eric Cohn was nearly in tears over the church stating what God has already stated in the Bible, saying that his feelings were hurt when he looked at the message board.

“I literally had to stop and back up and make sure I saw what I saw, and I was profoundly offended and upset by it,” Eric Cohn said.

Cohn wasn’t the only one wishing that the U.S. would outlaw free speech. Hood River Mayor Paul Blackburn allowed his feelings to get the best of his logic, and he most likely hopes to use his political platform to do away with said pesky freedom.

“I was really annoyed and sad,” Hood River mayor, Paul Blackburn, said. “I am annoyed that in this political season there’s a solid case of ugly going on. I think it norms up this kind of behavior like ‘oh, it’s okay to be a bigot now.’”