Pelosi to Media: Follow Late Night Comedians in Taking Down Donald Trump, GOP

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi instructed them to follow the lead of late night comedians (in the mold of The Daily Show or The Nightly Show) to take down Donald Trump and the Republicans to the point that she offered to “encourage” them to broadcast such exposes as the general election intensifies.

Pelosi led into the suggestion for her like-minded media members by lamenting that she and her fellow House Democrats would not be able to showcase “a side-by-side and some of the egregious remarks” made by Donald Trump and allies due to House rules deeming such an exercise illegal. 

She promised that they will run the series of clips later in “a political setting” that include Trump’s “birther remarks and their birther remarks, his anti-Muslim remarks and their building walls to Muslims, to immigrants, to the rest”as “[t]he list goes on.”