Vicente Fox Warns of “WAR” if Trump Becomes President

Former Mexican president: “Don’t play around with us, we can jump walls”

(Infowars) – In comments glossed over by the media, former Mexican President Vicente Fox warned that the election of Donald Trump could lead to a “war” between Mexico and the United States.

During an appearance on the Kickass Politics podcast, Fox accused Trump of ushering in a return to “the era of the ugly American.”


Media reports on Fox’s comments focused on his throwback use of the word “gringo,” to describe a time when Americans were “hated all around the world,” but the former Mexican leader made even more inflammatory remarks when he suggested that Donald Trump’s rhetoric could lead to a conflict between the U.S. and Mexico.

“He is the hated gringo because he’s attacking all of us, he’s offending all of us, I mean imagine – that could take us to a war – not to a trade war,” said Fox.

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