Leftist Organizing Nude Photo Shoot of 100 Women During GOP Convention

CLEVELAND, Ohio — An artist known for his large-scale nude photo shoots is planning to make a splashy return to Cleveland at this summer’s Republican National Convention.

Spencer Tunick, of New York, is looking for 100 women to pose nude while holding mirrors in Cleveland at sunrise on July 17, the week of the GOP convention. Those who are interested can sign up by submitting a photo at his website, www.spencertunickcleveland.com. (An unsurprising heads-up: the website includes graphic, but artistic, images of nude people.)

Tunick told Cleveland Scene, which broke the news of the project, that he plans to hold the photo shoot on private property, in part so he doesn’t have to deal with police and the “hassle of permits.” A handful of groups already have applied for permits to demonstrate during the GOP convention, and more are expected.