Megyn Kelly Debuts Clip From Upcoming Donald Trump Interview (Video)

By J.D. Durkin,

Next Tuesday May 17th, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is set to host a primetime special for Fox that features a highly-anticipated interview with GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. After Kelly caused a media fracas last month when she was seen entering Trump Towers — “an electric morning,” by her account — the network confirmed that Trump would be appearing on the special after months of controversy between the two.

The primary grievance stemmed from an August 6th Republican debate on Fox News in which Kelly cornered Trump on many of the disparaging comments he has made about women in the past. It sparked a massive uproar from Trump that carried on several months, and the only other opportunity for the two of them to go toe-to-toe — a January debate on Fox News — was thwarted when Trump decided to skip the event altogether.