“Ban Islam from America” Posted at the Site of a Planned Mosque

MUKILTEO — Police are investigating flyers with the words “Ban Islam from America” posted at the site of a planned mosque, the Islamic Center of Mukilteo.
A U.S. flag was placed nearby.
The flyers had about six paragraphs of “anti-Islamic rhetoric,” said Mukilteo police officer Myron Travis. The flyers were attached to a sign that has been posted on property at 3920 Harbour Pointe Blvd. announcing it as the site of the planned mosque. The mosque’s sign also was damaged.
Police are investigating the incident as possible malicious harassment, which can be charged as a felony. Police collected the signs and the flag as potential evidence.
The vandalism was reported by an anonymous caller Thursday afternoon.
On Monday, Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson called the incident “hateful and unacceptable.”
“I don’t think that represents Mukilteo,” she said.
Gregerson said she thinks the mosque is opposed by a small group of people. There are others who have questions or are unaware about the Islamic faith, she said.
“My community values diversity,” she said. “Mukilteo is a place for everyone.”