Officer Edward M. Nero Trial: What You Need to Know

What’s happening today?

Legal proceedings related to the arrest and death of Freddie Gray are set to kickoff again Tuesday with a pre-trial hearing in the criminal case against Officer Edward Nero, one of six Baltimore police officers charged in the case.

At the pre-trial hearing on Tuesday, Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams is expected to rule on a number of motions filed by Nero and prosecutors, including several related to the admissibility of certain evidence and testimony. Nero is also expected to decide whether to have a bench trial, in which Williams would be the sole decider of his guilt or innocence, or a jury trial, in which a 12-member panel of city residents would decide. Early indications are that he will choose a bench trial.

Nero’s trial resumes the proceedings against the six officers for the first time in months. Only one other officer, William Porter, has gone to trial — resulting in a mistrial after the jury could not reach a consensus on any of the four charges against him.