Christians in Pakistan Protest Destruction of Historic Churches

Christians in Pakistan Protest Destruction of Historic Churches

ICC Note:

Christians in Lahore, Pakistan have protested against the destruction of four historic churches that are to make way for a new metro rail project. According to the Christians, three of these churches are actually older than the country of Pakistan itself and must be preserved to represent Pakistan’s Christian history. Will Pakistan listen to these protests and move the construction of the metro rail project? 

5/6/2016 Pakistan (Christian Times) – Pakistani Christians gathered together in front of the Lahore High Court on Tuesday, May 3 to raise their voices against the demolition of four historic churches.

The government is planning to demolish four churches – Cathedral Church, St. Andrew’s Church, Naulakha Church and Bohar Wala Church – in order to give way for the construction of the new Orange Line Metro Train.

The plan has alarmed Christians, particularly because these churches, built before Pakistan was established, have a historical significance. They believe the government wants to “grab” the property out of jealousy.

“These churches were built pre-Pakistan and these all churches are located at very expensive and prime locations which politicians and Islamists are jealous of,” said Nasir Saeed, director of the Center for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement in the U.K. (CLAAS-UK), according to Christian Today. “They cannot stand that Christians have such prime property and … so try to use any excuse to grab the land and belittle Christians.”