Trump Targeted in California May Day Protests – Illegal/Communists Fuel Violence

(Right Wing News) – Communist, socialists and anarchists appropriated the traditional spring festival on the first of May, which involves dancing, ribbons and flowers, and have turned it into their yearly focal point for nonstop cries about injustice per Breitbart. It’s always a gathering point for commies and radicals, but this year, they are focusing their hate and unrest on Donald Trump. There have already been protests at Trump rallies where Trumpsters have been bloodied and attacked. This is the beginning of the American Spring and a long, hot summer leading up to the Republican Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. The LAPD is gearing up for possible violence today during May Day marches Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. Organizers say the march will demand equality for immigrants and protest Trump’s controversial statements about Muslims and people from Mexico.


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