Germany Takes First Step Toward Becoming Fully ISLAMIC

(AFF) – Germany is taking steps to assure its future position in the Muslim world it has decided to join. The first step is to be sure that it does not offend its newest residents by continuing alliances with their gravest enemies: the Jews.

That’s right. Germany is now reweighing whether or not they will continue to unconditionally support Israel moving forward.  The first sign, according to Der Spiegel, was the refusal of the Germany’s former foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier to raise criticism to an official statement made by the EU’s foreign ministers that was critical of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank–seen as an illegal encroachment by proponents of Palestinian statehood.

Today, a major Israeli outlet reports increasing concern over statements from Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel that were deemed sympathetic.  YNetNews had this to say:

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