SEAN HANNITY: Pennsylvania Primary Delegate Guide

Pennsylvania is rarely a factor in the GOP presidential primary race considering it’s late date in the primary season. However, due to the close nature of this year’s delegate count the commonwealth is poised to play a critical roll in deciding who will carry the Republican standard into the election.

A total of 71 delegates will be sent to the convention in July, three unbound delegates for each of Pennsylvania’s 18 congressional districts, as well as 17 extra delegates—including the state party chairman, Rob Gleason, Pennsylvania’s two national GOP committee members and 14 picked in May by party leaders—who are required to vote for the winner of Pennsylvania’s statewide primary election on the first convention ballot.

Since only 17 of the 71 delegates are required to vote for the winner of the statewide vote, the statewide vote is largely meaningless.

On a district level, a total of 162 people who are running to be a GOP convention delegate will be on Pennsylvania’s primary ballot. They are unbound and, in many cases, fairly anonymous individuals. Without having done research ahead of time, it is possible for a Pennsylvania voter to vote for Ted Cruz in the state-wide election, and vote for delegates who will vote for Trump or Kasich at the convention.

As a public service, is providing a guide for Pennsylvania voters. Find your district below to learn who each delegate candidate plans on supporting.

—Note: We have not been able to reach every delegate candidate. We will update this list as we receive new information.

1st District – Philadelphia

Uncommitted: Christopher Vogler, Seth Kaufer

Could not be reached: Dave Hackett

2nd District – Philadelphia

Ted Cruz: Aldrik Gessa

Uncommitted: Calvin Tucker

Whoever wins district: Elizabeth Havey

Could not be reached: Aaron Cohen