Baltimore Sun Endorses Hillary Clinton

Clinton for president

Few imagined that at this late point in the Democratic presidential primary season Hillary Clinton would be facing a serious challenge from a feisty, 74-year-old independent lawmaker from Vermont who proudly calls himself a democratic socialist. Sen. Bernie Sanders has injected an unexpected element of excitement into what just a few months had been viewed as an entirely predictable march to the nomination by theClinton campaign.

But Mr. Sanders’ success has also prevented the party’s front-runner from fully turning her attention to the general election this fall, as she should be doing at this point in the race. Now is the time for the party to come together around its strongest potential candidate. The former first lady, senator from New York and secretary of state clearly has the experience, detailed knowledge of the issues and proven record of accomplishment that America needs in its next president, and that is why we urge voters to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.


Senator Sanders captured the imagination of millions with his call for a “political revolution” aimed at upending a status quo they feel is stacked against them — a message that has resonated particularly strongly with young people who see him as a break from the politics of the past. Yet on closer inspection it’s apparent that, despite their popular appeal, many of Mr. Sanders’ spending, tax and health care plans — along with his proposals for making college free, reining in Wall Street and “breaking up” the big banks by presidential fiat — simply don’t add up. They are in many respects as grandiose and vague as most of the ideas offered up by Donald Trump on the Republican side, and equally unworkable………