Moochelle Obama Dumps ‘Steak and Arugula’ for ‘Pizza and Fries’ as Her Favorite Foods

Remember when First Lady Michelle Obama declared thatsteak and arugula were her favorite foods – and her vow to swear off French fries? Well, now, the nation’s top advocate for healthful eating says pizza and fries are her favorites.

When Mrs. Obama was asked to declare her favorite food yesterday during a question and answer session with children at the White House, she boldly touted the wonders of pizza and fries:

CHILD:  “And my favorite — my question is, what’s your favorite food?”

MRS. OBAMA:  “Favorite what?”

CHILD:  “Your favorite food.”

MRS. OBAMA:  “Favorite food — hands down, pizza.  Pizza!  (Laughter.)  Don’t you all agree?”