Rudy Giuliani Suggests Saudi Arabia was Involved in 9/11 Attacks

Rudy Giuliani suggests Saudi Arabia was involved in 9/11 attacks and reveals he was offered $10MILLION by a prince as Obama cozies up to King Salman on trip to the Middle East 

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani has revealed he was offered a $10million check from a Saudi prince in the wake of the 9/11 attacks as he suggested the Arab kingdom was involved in the attacks.

Giuliani, who was mayor of the city when two hijacked planes were flown into the World Trade Center towers, said he tore up the check and said the high ranking official could ‘burn it in hell’.

In an impassioned plea this morning, Giuliani urged Obama to release 28 pages of a report on the attacks that have been kept secret and are believed to show Saudi involvement in the atrocity.

The row over the secret papers dragged on as Obama met with King Salman in Saudi Arabia, but failed to bring up the alleged connections to the September 11 attacks yet again.

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