Chicago Teachers Union Boss Accuses Governor of Being ‘the New ISIS Recruit’

CHICAGO – Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is calling Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner “the new ISIS recruit.”

karenlewisShe said he’s “a liar” who “lacks the ability to govern” alleges the Republican governor “purchased his seat, conned the people of Illinois and is clueless on how to turn around Illinois to better serve its citizens,” DNAinfo reports.

The comments came during an address to the City Club of Chicago last week, when the union boss also threatened another teachers strike if the CTU doesn’t get its way during ongoing contract negotiations with the city.

During Lewis’ tirade against the governor, she alleged Rauner is guilty of “clouting his daughter into Walter Payton High School” – a high performing, selective enrollment school – and said the governor should repay Chicago Public Schools $47,000 for her education, according to the news site.

“Rauner is the new ISIS recruit,” Lewis bellowed to a large crowd at the recent luncheon, according to the Chicago Tribune.