CRAZY: 13 Year Old SUSPENDED For Reading Bible During Recess

Boy Suspended From School For Reading The Bible

It’s hard to believe that liberals can maintain that there is not a war on Christianity in this country when things like this happen.

According to reports, a 13-year-old boy was just suspended from school in Texas, after he was caught reading the Bible during recess. Plainview Middle School released a statement arguing that Joshua Patterson violated school policy by reading the Bible in school.

Patterson was told numerous times that he could “not practice religion during school hours.” The school even sent a letter home to the child’s parents, warning that he could be suspended or even expelled if he continued his behavior.

Patterson’s parents were shocked, and stood behind their son, who was simply exercising his constitutional right. Now, Megan and Daniel Patterson say they intend to file a lawsuit.

“We are going to fight this with all of our might,” Daniel told reporters. “How can a school tell a student that something as simple as reading his Bible is wrong? We teach our children about the miraculous wonders of God, and Joshua has taken a special interest in religion. His dream is to one day be a preacher. The school has violated the rights of our child, and we will ensure this never happens to another student.”